Provision of connectivity services


Logica Informatica Srl with registered office in Sassari (SS), Piazza d'Italia, 34, is a company that operates in the telecommunications sector and for this purpose, it is regularly provided with the necessary administrative authorizations for the public offer of networks and services electronic communication.


We mean:

  • "Contract" the present general terms and conditions;
  • "Customer" means the legal entity to whom the service subscribes to these terms and conditions, assuming all related responsibilities and rights;
  • "Service/s" the service/s provided by Logica informatica srl and having the characteristics indicated in any attachments called XXXXXXX;
  • "Parties" the Logica informatica srl and the customer who signs the contract;
  • "Attached Offer" any attachment to these general terms and conditions containing the terms and conditions of payment for the service/s.

Art. 1 – Object

With the present contract "Logica informatica srl" defines the general conditions for the supply to the customer of the service / s having the characteristics indicated in the attachments XXXXXXX. The present contract constitutes the integral manifestation of the agreements between the parties regarding the requested service (s) and cancels and replaces any other and previous version in this regard that may have been previously signed between the same parties. Any modification to the contract here present must result from a written deed and regularly signed by both parties.

Art. 2 – Duration of the contract

The contract is open-ended with a minimum duration of one year and starting from the activation of the service.

The subscription fee is due from the activation of the service.

Long-term contracts may be stipulated only in the case of exhibitions, exhibitions, exhibitions and other events or for the needs of the media and for other needs of public utility and / or collective interest. In this case the Customer will pay the fee according to the specific economic conditions that will be expressly agreed upon.

The contract is perfected with the signing of the contract by the customer. In the 10 days from the completion of the contract, the customer has the right to withdraw from the contract without having to pay any additional cost. In this case, the withdrawal must be exercised by registered letter with return receipt to be sent to Logica informatica s.r.l. within the terms indicated above. The aforementioned communication can be anticipated by fax or e-mail and will be effective provided that it is confirmed by sending the registered letter within the specified period.

Art. 3 – Right of withdrawal

The customer has the right to withdraw from the contract by means of registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt sent with a notice of at least 4 months with respect to the expiry of the contract. The customer is still required to pay the price of the service received and the fee for the last month of use of the Service. If the customer withdraws from the contract during the first year of activation, he will still be required to pay the subscription fee for the entire year.

Art. 4 – Features, methods and activation of the service

The connectivity service can be activated after checking the effective availability of the line with the quality features required, necessary for the activation of the service. For these reasons, during the installation phase of the service, Logica Informatica srl ​​will be able to communicate to the customer the impossibility of following up the activation due to technical unavailability. The connection speed depends on the quality of the line, the actual speed of the ADSL connection, depends on the quality of access to the network and the technical capacity of the customer's line. The speed of surfing on the Internet depends on the level of congestion of the internet and the server to which you connect; Logica Informatica guarantees the minimum bandwidth within its own network (wireless) and up to the points of exchange with other providers. Since the band used by each individual user is shared, the speed of the line may vary according to the congestion of the network, subject to the commitment of Logica Informatica srl ​​for an efficient distribution of available resources.

Upon receipt of the customer's order, Logica Informatica srl will check the feasibility of the service; in the case of positive verification, the order is considered accepted. In case of non-coverage of the service the order is canceled without any right by the customer to request anything. Logica Informatica srl does not guarantee the activation times of the ADSL line as it depends on technical feasibility. In general, activation times are around 30/60 days

The service is activated by Logica Informatica srl within 30/60 days from the request made by the customer, except in cases of technical exceptionality, ie within the time agreed with the Customer, giving priority to certified cases of disabled people. If, in the case of technical exceptionality, it is not possible to respect the agreed timing, Logica Informatica srl will indicate the scheduled date for the activation of the service, agreeing with the Customer the timing and activation modalities without anything being due for any delays .

Logica Informatica srl is not required to follow up the activation of the Service, in the following cases:

  • The customer has previously been in default of Logica Informatica srl;
  • The client is subject to bankruptcy proceedings;
  • For technical reasons and / or deriving from compliance with the provisions of the competent Regulatory Authorities, which Logica Informatica srl will indicate in the communication of non-activation of the service;
  • For failure to provide the applicant with the means of guarantee if provided for;
  • The signer of the contract does not document the existence of the power of signature and legal representation of the person for whom he has requested the service.

The provision of the Service will be carried out through connection with the equipment / products supplied on loan for use.

Art. 5 - Customer's obligations and responsibilities

The customer is responsible for every action performed through the account assigned to him. In particular, any text, information, image, program or multimedia content as well as data entered on the network through an account assigned by Logica Informatica srl ​​are the responsibility of the Customer. The customer assures that such data are in its legitimate availability, are not contrary to public order, morality and public morality and, in any case, do not violate any rights of third parties arising from the law, this contract and / or custom ( for example: copyright, right to privacy). In particular, the customer agrees to enter content protected by copyright only if he has acquired the written consent of the owner and is obliged to cite the source and the existence of such consent. The client also undertakes not to transmit, process, disseminate, store or otherwise treat pornographic, obscene, blasphemous or defamatory content in any other form. The customer retains ownership of the information transmitted on the network, assuming fullest civil and criminal liability in relation to the content of the same, with express exemption of Logica informatica srl ​​from any responsibility and burden of assessment and / or control in this regard, without prejudice to specific obligations provided for by the Community and Italian law. The Customer assures Logica informatica srl ​​that the content does not violate even partially any third party rights, relieving, in any case, for every security and for any reason, Logica informatica srl ​​from damages, expenses and / or anything else required by third parties. If the information entered on the network is advertising, the customer guarantees that the same are in compliance with all the provisions of the law in force on the subject. The Customer undertakes not to use the electronic communication services provided by Logica informatica srl ​​to send unsolicited advertising to discussion groups and / or to addresses of users who have no relationship with the sender. In case of violation of the foregoing, Logica informatica srl ​​will have the right to remove the contents entered and / or to suspend the Service without any prior notice. Finally, the Customer is obliged not to use the space available to perform dynamic page tests, scripts and software in general which may in any case cause a reduction in performance or compromise the use of the machines in whole or in part. The Customer declares in any case that he / she is aware that browsing, uploading and / or downloading any programs, files or network information is done under his own exclusive responsibility. Furthermore, the Customer is expressly forbidden to: - spam and / or send unsolicited and / or unwanted messages to third parties; - illicitly intercepting computer or telematic communications and / or revealing their contents; -violate, subtract or suppress computerized or telematic correspondence between third parties; - communicate on the Internet in an offensive, abusive or defamatory manner; - violate the privacy of Other users of the Network; -use the Logica informatica srl ​​Services in an inappropriate way to this Contract. Consequently, the Customer undertakes to keep Logica Informatica unharmed from all losses, damages, liabilities, costs, charges and expenses, including any legal fees, which may be charged or incurred by Logica Informatica srl ​​as a consequence of any breach by of the Customer to the obligations and guarantees provided for in this Contract. If the Customer is the holder of several contracts, the non-fulfillment of even one of the obligations contained in them (eg non-payment) will allow Logica informatica srl ​​to suspend the Service covered by this Contract

Art. 6 – Obligations and responsibilities of Logica Informatica srl

With the signing of the Contract, Logica informatica srl ​​undertakes to provide the Service / s agreed with the punctuality and technical characteristics required. In the event of a dispute, Logica informatica srl ​​undertakes to intervene, within its competence, within a maximum period of twenty-four / forty-eight working hours from the request for intervention. The Service provided will be available, as a rule, 24 hours a day for all the days of the year, except for any ordinary or extraordinary maintenance that involves suspension, which normally will not last for more than 24/48 hours working. Logica Informatica srl ​​reserves however the unquestionable right to interrupt the Service/s for a duration exceeding that indicated above due to absolutely exceptional technical reasons, or due to the loss of the minimum standard of security and / or guarantee of data privacy it normally adopted in the interest of the customer. In this case, timely communication via e-mail or by fax to the Customer of the interruption of the service will be given. Logica informatica srl ​​will not be in any way responsible towards the Customer for the non-availability of the Service/s caused by a partial or total interruption of the Access Service provided by it or by another telecommunications operator. Technical assistance to the customer is carried out by Logica informatica srl ​​during office opening hours.

Art. 7 – Limits of responsibility of Logica Informatica srl

Logica informatica srl ​​will not respond either to the Customer or to persons directly or indirectly connected to the Customer itself of the failed or partial activation of the Service / s, delays, malfunctioning, suspension and / or interruption in the Service / s supply if caused by:

  • failure to activate the service / s by Telecom Italia s.p.a. or from another supplier; fortuitous event or force majeure;
  • extraordinary or unpredictable events (including, for purely indicative and non-exhaustive purposes: catastrophe, flooding or other natural events);
  • tampering or illegal actions by third parties on services or equipment and / or services used by Logica informatica srl;
  • tampering or interventions on the connection devices, which fall within the availability of the Customer, made by the latter or by unauthorized third parties;
  • incorrect use of the Service by the Customer;
  • malfunctioning / incorrect configuration of the connection devices used by the Customer and not provided by Logica informatica srl.

Art. 8 – Interruption and suspension of the service

The Customer declares to know and approve the technical characteristics of the Service/s provided, according to the characteristics specified in the attached attachment.

The customer accepts that Logica Informatica srl may suspend the provision of the Service to guarantee the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the Service, without this having any effect on the duration of the Contract. In the event that the intervention involves a temporary interruption of the Service, Logica Informatica srl will notify the customer with an advance of at least 24 hours by e-mail.

Furthermore, the Customer acknowledges and acknowledges that the entry of the information in the web space and the consequent diffusion of the same through the Internet system of Logica informatica srl ​​are carried out exclusively at their own risk. Logica informatica srl ​​reserves, at its sole discretion, the right to change the functionality of its system, as well as to change the structure, when this is justified by technical reasons, operational, or to ensure the safety of equipment and information. Logica informatica srl ​​can not be held responsible for any damage, direct or indirect (with the exception of what is required by law), deriving from the activation and / or interruption of the Service, if this is due to programming problems and / or management not directly related to the offered features. The provisions of this article will be valid and effective even after the termination of the term of this Contract, by expiry of the terms, termination or withdrawal.

Art. 9 – Use of the infrastructures and plants of Logica Informatica srl

It is forbidden for the Customer to open, disassemble or tamper with the systems and / or operate in any way on the Net, as well as to contact third parties to carry out repairs or tampering for any reason. If the Customer does not comply with these obligations, without prejudice to the sanctions of law, Logica Informatica may proceed, giving notice, to the suspension of the Service and to request compensation for all damages incurred.

Art. 10 – Technical checks

For the verification of the system, the Customer must allow access to his premises to the staff sent by Logica Informatica srl, upon appointment for the intervention. In case of unjustified refusal by the Customer, Logica informatica srl, upon written notice, in order to avoid damage to the network, may suspend the provision of the Service until the Customer allows access to its premises.

Art. 11 – Improper use of the service

The Customer can not carry out or allow others to carry out communications or activities from their Terminal Point that cause harassment or violation of the laws in force. The customer can not use the Service in order to create disturbance to third parties or network malfunction. Logica Informatica srl has the right to immediately suspend the provision of the service, without notice, if the Customer makes the improper use indicated in the previous paragraphs, giving, in the case, appropriate communication to the competent authorities.

Art. 12 – Charges, adjustments and payment methods

The Customer is required to pay in favor of Logica Informatica srl, for the services covered by these General Conditions, a monthly fee (unless otherwise specified) that differs according to the type of service provided, as specified in the attached offer. This fee will be due for each year of the contract.

In case of withdrawal, the amount of the fee will be due according to the provisions of art. 3 of this contract.

Unless otherwise expressly specified, the fees indicated for services intended for the public must include VAT excluded. Any costs of using the telephone line and the equipment necessary to connect to the Services provided by Logica Informatica are charged to the Customer. The aforementioned costs, as well as those necessary for maintenance, are advertised by Logica Informatica srl and directly usable by customers through the following channels: Internet site, brochure and price list. The Customer is required to pay the invoice by the expiry date indicated in it. Logica Informatica srl will send all the invoices and / or communications to the Customer to the address indicated by the Customer. The aforesaid invoices and / or notices will be considered as received after 15 days from the date of the relative sending, without prejudice to the contrary proof provided by the Customer.

Logica Informatica srl reserves the right to change the economic conditions reported in the Customer's Commercial Profile and to determine the new fees due for the service, by giving written notice by registered mail to the Customer with at least 30 days' notice.

In case of non-acceptance of changes in the abovementioned economic conditions, the Customer must notify Logica Informatica srl in writing within 15 days from the date of the communication of variation, with the right to withdraw from the Contract in this case without any charge or responsibility for both parties.

Unless otherwise agreed in the customer's commercial profile, the fees referred to in this article will be invoiced in advance of the use of the service; any consumer traffic, on the other hand, will be billed in a postponed manner.

Art. 13 – Late payment

In case of delayed payment, the Customer must pay to Logica informatica srl a late payment (penalty) equal to the amount of legal interest increased by 2 (two) percentage points. This late payment will be calculated on the actual days of delay, starting from the day following the due date and up to the date of payment or termination of the Contract. In the event that the Customer has accrued penalties, the same will be recovered by issuing an invoice (amount out of VAT field ex DPR No. 633 of 26.10.1972 and subsequent amendments) by Logica Informatica srl.

Art. 14 - Suspension for late payment

Without prejudice to the other hypotheses for suspension of the Service and the provisions regarding compensation for late payment, Logica informatica srl, upon notice, may suspend the Service to the Customer in the event of non-payment of the invoice within 30 calendar days from the expiry date and / or in any case, we needlessly spend 15 days from any payment request. In case of timely payment of the last six consecutive invoices if the Customer delays in paying an invoice subsequent to them, Logica Informatica may suspend the Service only after a notice to be sent after 45 days from the expiry of the invoice. Persisting arrears, services will be suspended after 15 days from sending the notice.

The Customer who is again in default for subsequent billing, Logica informatica srl may suspend the Service from the first day after the expiry date indicated on the invoice, providing to inform the Customer. The Customer to whom the Service has been suspended, if the termination of the contract pursuant to the following article has not been made, may obtain the restoration of the Service only after payment of the total amount due to Logica informatica srl. In this case, the reactivation of the Service will take place within two working days following receipt of the payment of the sum due in favor of Logica Informatica.

Art. 15 - Contractual resolution

After 15 days from the date on which the Service is suspended for any reason whatsoever, Logica Informatica srl is entitled to terminate the Contract by right, with ten days' notice to be sent to the Customer by registered mail.

After termination of the effects of the contract, Logica Informatica srl reserves the right to transfer any credits deriving from it to the client in accordance with art. 1264 and ss of the c.c.

Art. 16 – Transfer of the contract

The Customer can not fully and / or partially cede the contract in any way without the prior written authorization of Logica informatica srl.

In the case of transfer, the transferee is obliged to pay the takeover indemnity.

The takeover indemnity is equal to € 20.00 plus VAT. The indemnity is not due in cases of universal succession or between persons belonging to the same family nucleus.

In addition, the replacement indemnity is not payable in cases of change of name or company name.

The parties expressly acknowledge that Logica informatica srl has the right to assign this Contract to third parties, whether for a fee or free, without the need for acceptance by the Customer, meaning the same as previously agreed and accepted with the signing of this Contract.

Art. 17 – Delays in fulfilling the obligations assumed in the provision of the service.

If Logica informatica srl, outside the hypothesis referred to in art. 4 of the present writing, does not comply with the terms established for the activation of the Service, the Customer is entitled to an indemnity equal to 5% of the monthly fee paid by the Customer for each business day of delay. This indemnity is not due if the delay is imputable or otherwise attributable to the Customer or to third parties other than Logica Informatica Srl.

Art. 18 - Confidentiality and custody of passwords

Access to services is permitted through a customer identification code (User-ID) and a password (password). The Customer is required to keep the password with the utmost confidentiality and diligence and will therefore be responsible for any damage caused to Logica informatica srl and / or third parties deriving from the violation of the foregoing. The Customer is obliged to immediately notify Logica informatica srl in writing of any theft, loss or loss of the password. In default, the Customer assumes all responsibility for access to the service by third parties also with respect to Logica Informatica.

Art. 19 – Confidentiality of information

The parties also guarantee and mutually assume for their own personnel and / or the external personnel possibly charged with the obligation of confidentiality related to any information and / or data of which they become aware during or in relation to the activity concerning the execution of the contract. .

The Customer, since Logica Informatica srl does not carry out any type of processing on the data transmitted after access to the Network, declares that it retains full and exclusive ownership, pursuant to art. 4 paragraph 1 letter f) and 28 of Legislative Decree No. 196 of 2003, of personal data transmitted or received during the connection with any internet protocol (such as eg http, https, ftp, smtp, pop3). The Customer therefore recognizes that he is solely responsible for the processing and, consequently, the adoption of all the security measures necessary for the protection of the data.

The personal data provided by the Customer to Logica informatica srl ​​are protected by the Legislative Decree art. 23 of Legislative Decree 196/2 003, "Code regarding the protection of personal data". Logica informatica srl ​​with registered office in Sassari, Piazza d'Italia 34, in its capacity as Data Controller for the processing of personal data relating to customers and relating to the service of connection to the Internet, pursuant to and for the purposes of Legislative Decree 196/2003, makes the following information. The purpose of the processing of personal data of the Customer, including the external data of the accesses made to the Internet (e-mail addresses, World Wide Web sites, date, time, duration, traffic generated and access node) is to allow the the provision of the Service (s), in accordance with the Customer's requests, and to ensure the correct management and processing of any complaints in the interest of the Customer. The processing will be carried out through electronic media (databases), paper (non-computerized archives), postal (information correspondence exclusively related to the service) and telephones (services rendered to the User), being however assured the adoption by the Owner of measures security suitable to prevent the risk of destruction or loss of data, unauthorized access or processing not allowed or not in accordance with the purpose of the collection. The provision of data and the related processing are strictly functional to the execution of the contractual relationship and therefore constitute a necessary condition for the provision of the requested Service (s). To this end, in consideration of the characteristics of the Service / s provided and only for it, Logica informatica srl ​​may have to transfer to third parties, typically interconnected in the network, personal data of the Customer and / or information transmitted by him (service activation on nodes managed by third parties, e-mail messages, access to remote servers, etc.). For the same purposes, personal data may be transferred outside the national territory. Since the personal data required by Logica informatica srl ​​to the Customer are strictly and exclusively functional to the completion of the Contract concluded between the Parties, the ascertained mendacity of the individual data, or the non-communication of data concerning the Service / s performance, or still the failure to notify Logica informatica srl ​​of their modification will legitimize Logica informatica srl ​​to refuse its execution. The personal data of the Customer may also be processed with the same methods for purposes related to the protection of credit risk, identification of the customer and the experimentation of information to verify the accuracy of the data provided and the creditworthiness of the customer , also in the course of a relationship. To this end, the data may be disclosed to third parties specialized in the management of commercial or credit information (such as data processing centers, banks, risk centers). Any refusal to allow the use of the data described in this point may determine the non-acceptance of the Contract proposal or the request to pay a security deposit or to provide other appropriate means of guarantee. Always with the same procedures, personal data may be processed for promotional purposes functional to the improvement and better knowledge of the Service (s) such as market research, interactive commercial communication, economic and statistical analysis, commercial information, direct sales, sending of informative / promotional material, measurement of customer satisfaction level). To this end, the data may be disclosed to external companies, whose collaboration Logica informatica srl ​​may use for the accomplishment of the aforementioned purposes. It will always be possible to oppose the processing of data for the purposes referred to in this point. Pursuant to art. 7 of Legislative Decree No. 196 of 2003, the Customer has the right to obtain confirmation of the existence or not of personal data concerning him, even if not yet registered, and their communication in intelligible form. The Customer has the right to obtain the indication: a) of the origin of personal data; b) of the purposes and methods of the processing; c) of the logic applied in case of treatment carried out with the aid of electronic instruments; d) of the identifying details of the holder, of the supervisors and of the designated representative according to article 5, paragraph 2; e) the subjects or categories of subjects to whom the personal data may be communicated or who may become aware of it as the designated representative in the territory of the State, managers or agents.

The customer also has the right to obtain:

  1. updating, rectification or, when interested, integration of data;

  2. the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data processed unlawfully, including data whose retention is unnecessary for the purposes for which the data were collected or subsequently processed;

  3. the attestation that the operations referred to in letters a) and b) have been brought to the attention, also with regard to their content, of those to whom the data have been communicated or disseminated, except in the case in which this fulfillment proves impossible o involves a use of means manifestly disproportionate to the protected right.

The customer has the right to object, in whole or in part:

  1. for legitimate reasons, the processing of personal data concerning him, even if pertinent to the purpose of the collection;
  2. to the processing of personal data concerning him for the purpose of sending advertising or direct sales material or for carrying out market research or commercial communication.

Art. 20 – Information regarding the processing of traffic data

The data relating to the connection of the Customer to the Logica informatica srl ​​network are processed electronically for the purposes of billing, ascertainment and prosecution of offenses and subsequently for purposes of ascertaining and combating the crimes referred to in Article 407, paragraph 2, letter a) of the criminal procedure code, as well as crimes to the detriment of computer or telecommunications systems. These treatments are carried out in compliance with the obligations under art. 132 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 (as replaced by Article 3 of Decree Law of 24 December 2003, No. 354), adopting the security measures pursuant to art. 31 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, and are limited to the following data: caller ID, user ID, assigned IP address, connection time, time of disconnection. These data will be processed only by a person appointed within the structure of Logica informatica srl, will not be disclosed to any third party, unless requested by the Judicial Authority, and will be destroyed upon expiry of the mandatory term of conservation required by the provisions of the law above mentioned. In the event that the connectivity is provided by a third supplier of the Logica informatica srl, the above data remain in the possession of the third party.

Art. 21 – Connectivity security

Internet connectivity imposes consideration of the related security problems and the correct use of the network (according to the rules in force and in consideration of Netiquette). For this reason, it is advisable to always adopt appropriate software systems and adopt appropriate procedures that can act as a barrier to protect your computer. Logica informatica srl will not be necessary for any damage and / or disruption that may result from failure to adopt appropriate solutions.

Art. 22 – Connectivity service specifications

If the Customer requests the activation of ADSL on a telephone number corresponding to an ISDN line, he will be entitled to the installation of a new line (not enabled by telephone) dedicated to the ADSL service. The pre-existing line will not undergo variations. If the Customer requests the activation of ADSL on a telephone number corresponding to a PSTN line (standard telephony) also connected to intercommunicating switchboards, ringtones, remote alarms or other systems other than simple telephone devices, signing the Contract Proposal will simultaneously provide to Logica informatica srl sent to install, or if necessary to request from Telecom Italia the installation, at the Customer's premises, of a "POTS Splitter" to be connected - by Telecom Italia or third parties appointed by Logica Informatica srl - to network termination main telephone.

Art. 23 – Voip services

The VoIP service allows the end user, with adequate access to broadband Internet, to make and receive basic telephone calls through the creation of one or more virtual telephone lines in VoIP. For this reason, the service is not a service that replaces traditional telephony, but as one of the additional value applications that can be provided on broadband Internet access, with particular reference to ADSL / HDSL / WI-FI. The functionality of the service will not be guaranteed in case of congestion of the Internet or low levels of quality of service (such as guaranteed bandwidth, latency, eco ..). The end user must be equipped, in addition to the access to the internet with adequate bandwidth (at least 32 Kb / s for the intended voice channel), of the appropriate VOIP terminal of the type: VoIP router (for the integrated connection of PC and analogue telephones or digital). All the user's terminals, if not supplied directly by Logica informatica srl, must however be declared compatible by the latter. To activate the service, the End User must receive, in addition to the terminal, the following: Standard configuration parameters, User id and password to access the service, Telephone number. The numbers used to provide the service are geographic. The Customer will be responsible for the proper management of the VoIP Routers and accounts and will be solely responsible for any theft and / or cloning of users that may generate fraud on telephone traffic. Therefore, please keep your account passwords with the utmost care, just as your ATM pin is handled.

The geographic numbering can be updated by Logica Informatica srl to the final user according to the national telephone regulatory plan. The possibility of transporting Telecom Italia numbers on the Logica Informatica srl network (Number Portability Service) is also envisaged. In the case of calls between VOIP users (on net to on net), the geographic numbering will not be visible to the called user even if equipped with terminal with display (permanent private numbering). In the case of calls from VOIP users to a traditional telephone line (on-net to off-net), the visibility of the geographical numbering will not be guaranteed to the called user.

The service allows you to make calls only to numbers starting with: "800"; "0"; "00"; "178"; "3"; "899"; "166"; "144" and non-geographic numbers such as emergency numbers and public utility numbers (113, 112, etc.) and all geographical numbers not mentioned in the previous points can be reached from the service. The Modem 56k connectivity service on the Voip line can not be activated. The FAX service is not guaranteed on ADSL lines with minimum MCR band below 128k.

All the numbers dedicated to the VoIP service belong to Logica informatica and / or its Supplier and are open, on the date, and therefore reachable by the following national Carriers: Telecom Italia, TIM, WIND, VODAFONE, Fastweb, H3G. The geographic numbers are also reachable by most International Carriers.

Logica informatica srl ​​is required to register the End User by keeping track of the generality of the same before proceeding with the provision of the numbering. On this request Logica informatica srl ​​will have to obtain all the data of the Final User using the assigned numbers, in particular the company registry or personal data and residence data in the case of a private client (in this case a photocopy of a document is required) identity). Furthermore, the Customer will be responsible for the assignment of geographical numbers, based on the geographical location of the User's residence, in full compliance with the National Telephone Master Plan. The End User must contractually engage with Logica Informatica srl ​​to use the numbering in the declared residence. In any case, the Customer undertakes to use the numbers in full compliance with current legislation. Cost of calls from VoIP users to other VoIP users and to PSTN are included in the connectivity appendix. Logica Informatica srl ​​reserves the right to modify this price list as the market conditions change, giving prior notice to its customers, compatibly with the objective passivity. In case of modification of the tariff plan, Logica Informatica srl ​​guarantees the User the maintenance of its contract.

Art. 24 – Netiquette

The Customer undertakes to respect the rules of good behavior on the Internet, which go under the name of "Netiquette" and which he declares to know.

Art. 25 – Communications

All technical and administrative communications will be formulated in writing between the Parties and must be sent by the parties to the following addresses: -for Logica Informatica srl operational headquarters: Piazza d'Italia 34 07100 Sassari or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - for the Customer: address of residence / registered office or alternative address indicated in the Conditions of supply or the main email address assigned to the Customer with the provision of our Services. The Customer is required to promptly communicate any change in his residence or domicile.

Art. 26 Jurisdiction

If the subscriber is a professional subject or a company, for any consequent controversy, connected, connected or dependent on the present Contract the Parties indicate the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Sassari. If the subscriber is a private person, the competent court will be the one related to the declared residence of the Client.